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Easy Squeeze: ES Pro200 MaxiLift / ES Pro100 MiniLift
Capacity (kg)
100 kg/ 60 kg (70 kg)
130 kg
Maximum Lifting Height (mm)
2030 mm
Weight of unit (kg)
97 kg
148 kg
2 x 8 mm
1 x duplex
2-speed/variable lifting speed
2-speed optional
2-speed variable
Control board
100 kg/1m/ x 100 times
70 kg/1m/ x 100 times
130 kg/1m/ x 100 times
Remote control
1280/1780 mm
1733 mm
Adjustable width between legs
Number of motors
Battery charging procedure
Over night > 8h (at end of 8 hour shift and until next shift).

ES PRO200 MaxiLift 130kg/285lbs ES PRO1OO MiniLift 100kg/220lbs

SPECIAL ES PRO250 SuperMaxiLift EasySqueeze 165kg/365lbs

ESPRO100 MiniLift EasySqueeze (electric turn): Prod # 8PRO100ESE (Long Mini +500mm #8PRO1005ESE)
ESPRO100 MiniLift EasySqueeze (manual turn): Prod # 8PRO100ESM
Straight front legs / Swivel wheels, # 8PROLESE low-built front legs / fixed wheels

ESPRO200 MaxiLift EasySqueeze (manual turn): Prod # 8PRO200ESM

CE-marked. Canadian Electrical Code Special Inspection; QPS Entela / Intertek Testing Services / Ontario Power.

The MiniLift Easy Squeeze can handle up to 100 kg / 220 lbs and the Maxi Easy Squeeze up to 130 kg / 285 lbs. The tipping can be done 180 degrees. Either 90 degrees for each side or we can set it to start at 0 degrees and tip to 180 degrees.

The Easy Squeeze uses either fixed arms or swivel arms. Fixed arms are used for rolls using a loose spindle. Swivel arms are used for rolls with fixed spindles.

Fixed arms are used for drums tipping sideways. If we used swivel arms instead of fixed we could manually tip a drum forward.

The Easy Squeeze will grab the roll / drum and lift it from the pallet. It may be necessary to position the roll or drum to a corner of a pallet before lifting. It may also be necessary to raise a pallet and allow the low-built front legs of the lift to ente underneath the pallet.

With swivelling arms and a locking device on the arms we can manually tilt the part forward or backwards and lock it in 0 - 90 - 180 - 270 degrees.

If we are not able to use the standard arms, e.g. for sensitive plastic rolls or fibre drums we make a 100 % customized set of arms in the form of rubberized steel plates that are shaped to fit around the side of rolls / drums / pails.

Anodized: The Mini ES is made of all anodized aluminum and stainless steel - no paint.

The Maxi ES is made of anodized aluminum - mast and painted steel legs - stainless steel available as an option.


Mini EasySqueeze Maxi EasySqueeze

Max load Mini 100 kg / 220 lbs Maxi 130Kg / 285lbs
Min. diameter of roll/drum/etc Fixed arms 275 mm / 11"
Max. Diameter of roll/drum/etc Fixed arms 620 mm / 24"
Min. Diameter of roll/drum/etc Swivel arms 260 mm / 10 "
Max. Diameter of roll/drum/etc Swivel arms 570 mm / 22 "
Min. height to centre roll/drum/etc 270 mm / 10.5" - 300 mm / 12"
Max Height to centre roll/drum/
1545-2045 mm/61-80" - 2030 mm / 80"
1275-1775 mm/50-70" - 1730 mm / 68"
2030 mm / 80"
1730 mm / 68"


Order information

MiniLift & Easy Squeeze Max 100 kg- size limits-please refer to spec-sheet
# 8PRO100ESE MiniLift EasySqueeze w electric turn, low-built legs 95mm/4"
# 8PRO100ESM MiniLift EasySqueeze w manual turn, low-built legs 95mm/4"
  # 8PRO1005ESE MiniLift +500 EasySqueeze w electric turn, low-built legs 95mm/4"
MaxiLift & Easy Squeeze Maximum 130 kg
#8PRO200ESE MaxiLift EasySqueeze w electric turn, Straight legs 210mm / 8 ¼"
#8PRO200LESE MaxiLift EasySqueeze w electric turn, l-b legs 84mm / 3 3/8" fixed
# MXShort  To shorten Maxi, ADD!
# MXExtBaseSSbody  Wheelbase Stainless NO Paint body, Max ID 900mm
# 8543 Arms ES fixed 140mm rubber- ID 275mm/11” – 620mm /24”
# 8543-S-adapter  Adapter for Squeeze arms for rolls to 150 mm Fixed
# 8543-S  Arms for EasySqueeze fixed customized to fit drums / pails
# 8544 Arms for EasySqueeze swivel ID 260mm/10” – 570mm /22”
# 8544-S  Arms for EasySqueeze swivel customized to fit drums / pails
# 85050 Stainless Steel Covers for MaxiLift chassis
# DustCoverES Dust Cover EasySqueeze White cover Band for Squeeze


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