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Quick-Lift System enables you to lift, move, twists or turns in any direction. The system detects the slightest change in angle of the lift wire, so it follows your every movement as you lift and move, stop and start. It reacts smoothly to slow or quick movements, with no overshooting when the operator stops. It is easy to find effective and functional solutions, and you can handle loads of up to 300 kg (660 lbs.) safely!

We have customized over a two thousand lifting and handling applications using our Quick-Lift System - experience you can benefit from. We design an optimal solution to meet your specific needs!

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Quick Lift Magnetic Gripper

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Quick Lift Vacuum Gripper

Unique Lifting Principle

Quick-Lift System’s lifting principle distinguishes itself from that of other lifting equipment. The grip-friendly manoeuvring handle detects the hand’s movements and immediately relates these to the drive motor speed. Irrespective of the size of the load, only a minimal effort is required for manoeuvring. For lifting 300 kg, a manoeuvring force of a mere 20 g suffices.

When the grip on the manoeuvring handle is released, the load is automatically balanced, and the Quick-Lift System starts functioning as a conventional balancing lift. Both hands are therefore free to place the load in its correct position.

The lifting system is made of aluminum, and is therefore light and stable. The crane suspension allows for a responsive sideways movement, minimising the risk of over-swinging.

A Brief History of the Quick Lift System
Good Ergonomics

The patented manoeuvre handle senses the operator’s movement and boosts the lifting power proportionally to the hand’s movement. To move very slowly you apply just a slight pressure. To move fast you do a quick movement.

Irrespective of the size of the load, only a minimal effort is required for manoeuvring. Simply grab the handle and all operations will be smooth, no vibrations, and no jerks.

An electrical motor with a minimum noise level powers the products which contribute to a good working environment.

When we design our gripping devices, we make sure that the operator will not be submitted to inappropriate movements such as torsions, crooked back, stretching or extended arms.

Quick-Lift Arm
The hinged arm which is designed to alleviate the over-swing and ergonomic problems created by manually driven rail systems or traditional jib cranes. By mounting the lifting motor over the pillar, using aluminum and needle bearing components, the operator is left with significantly less overhead mass. The hinged arm allows flexible sideways movement with no risk of overswinging and can be mounted on a pillar, wall or ceiling. The hinged arm’s working range will be determined according to the size of the working area
Hinged Arm
Increased Production

Quick-Lift System's products are cost effective aids to maintain a high working capacity during the entire work shift, maintaining a good working environment and preserving the health of you personnel.

Customization and Simplicity
Quick-Lift System's products are available in several versions. Our experience combined with customized gripping devices will solve your lifting problems in an optimal way. Our engineers, application specialists and our global contact network are always prepared to discuss just your problem and how it can be solved with Quick-Lift System.
Gripping Devices

The key to a good lifting solution is precision, speed, and most of all, a comprehensive gripper. Quick-Lift™ gripping devices are custom designed by local distributors for each application. With over 20 years and 2500 installations worth of experience and design, each gripper is optimized to how it can be handled, lifted, moved, twisted, or turned. In addition, we involve our customers and operators in our specialized design process to create the best possible solution. By offering a complete turnkey lifting solution, we provide unique and user-friendly devices that are easy-to-use, built-to-last, and that will increase profitability.

Gripping Devices
Precision Quick-Lift Rail

All the lifts of the Quick-Lift System program are equipped with a patented manoeuvre handle which has no push buttons, nor other manual controls. By simply holding on to the manoeuvre handle and with a gentle touch lift or lower it, you are able to handle even heavy weights with no effort. And with unsurpassed precision, you will intuitively decide on fast or very, very slow motion, all depending on the situation at hand. No jerks, no unexpected movements, the operator is in perfect control.

In addition, Quick-Lift System's products have a unique alternative way of controlling the weight with precision, we call it auto balancing. By simply holding onto the lifted object itself and exert a slight manual force up/down the automated controls will assist in the endeavour.


The lifting solutions are CE certified special. Every lift is tested prior to delivery to customers to ensure complete quality control and have been designed to meet or exceed UL/CSA standards (special inspection to comply with the Canadian Electrical Code performed by QPS in Canada). The goal of the Quick-Lift™ System is a comprehensive and safe ergonomic solution for each lifting application.

A safety brake will secure the load in case of unexpected events such as power failure.

The lifting unit has a manoeuvre handle which has no push buttons, nor other manual controls. When releasing the grip, the controls will at all times take over and ensure that the work load remains in position, which constitutes a dead-mans-grip.

The lifting units cannot be over loaded. The lift will automatically register the weight at hand, and will simply not enable a lift to take place in case the weight is off limits.

The lifting units will function irrespective of variable workloads, by holding on to the manoeuvre handle the operator is always in control.



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