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Which choice should you make?

Protema lifts have been successfully marketed around the world for many years. During that time we have experienced just about every problem regarding handling of lighter goods. Therefore we will almost certainly have a lift for your needs.

Together we can jointly carry out a quick Handling Analysis and then suggest the best possible solution for you. If necessary, we will tailormake products to suit your requirements.

A Protema lift will increase effectiveness and profitability within your company.

1-2. Changing rolls in packaging machines is carried out swiftly and safely with the V-block (right) and boom (above). The V-block is detachable so that the platform can be used for other chores in between changes.
3. A central brake with directional lock is standard on the PRO120/150.

Lifting lighter goods can add up to tons

It’s often the case that objects lifted at the workplace are not especially heavy and it would be natural to assume that the job can be carried out quite effectively manually.

However, during a working day, light lifting can literally add up to tons, resulting in strain, slowing up and even accidents. With Protema lifts, difficult and potentially harmful lifting can be avoided. More and heavier objects can be handled, which leads to fewer lifts.

PRO120 with V-block
1. The PRO120 with V-block and rotating plate.

2. A PRO100 with EasySqueeze unit and electric turning.

The arms hold and turn the roll, moving it from a vertical position to the horizontal, loading position.

coregripper tool grip
3-4. A coregripper tool grips the inside of the roll and rotates 90° from a vertical position to a horizontal position. PRO70 (left) PRO120 (right).
coregripper tool grip

Protema lifts – the third generation

Protema lifts are manufactured with an emphasis on functionality, flexibility and reliability. They are extremely lightweight and are battery driven with a built-in charger. The first Protema lift was developed in 1977. Todays third generation lifts are a result of years of practical experience and development.
1-2. Choose adjustable forks on a frame for a combination of handling rolls for packaging machines and for changing tools in the machines.
adjustable fork
3. A manual crateturning tool, PRO70.
pro 70

A model to suit every need

Protema lifts play an important role in many production processes and offer a multitude of possible combinations and applications.

We manufacture stainless steel versions of the Protema lifts and attachments especially suited for the cleanroom demands of the pharmaceutical and food industries.

PRO40 and PRO70 Protema lifts
1,3,4. The staff of this industrial kitchen put their PRO40 and PRO70 Protema lifts into use in everyday lifting situations.
PRO200 with EasySqueeze unit
PRO40 and PRO70 Protema lifts
2. PRO200 with EasySqueeze unit, stainless steel.
PRO40 and PRO70 Protema lifts

Every application has a solution


Protema lifts each offer a choice of lifting heights and lifting capacities. Our technical engineers can modify the standard versions to suit the requirements of your job and the range of optional attachments increases consistantly.

Protema lifts are third-party tested and certified following the CE marking regulations.

special tool with rolls

1. Choose a special tool with rolls on springs to aid in the heavy task of removing wheels.

2. These PRO100´s are used as mobile work stations in this assembly line.

mobile work station
PRO100´s with electrical turning tool

3. PRO100´s with electrical turning tool.

4. The heavyduty PRO200 with Easy-Squeeze unit and manual turning tool.

The heavyduty PRO200 with Easy-Squeeze unit

Lifting with ease

With the Protema lifts we strive to find solutions to easier lifting.

Pushing objects on or off a platform is made much easier by adding rollers on the front and sides of the platform. In some cases, rollers have been incorporated into the complete platform surface.

There are many more examples of Protema tools that make lifting easier.

carry strapped
1. Forks can be used to carry strapped goods.
Add a ladder
2. Add a ladder to reach a little higher!
A detachable platform
3. The PRO70SB with extendable forks for handling empty pallets. A detachable platform also handles boxes.
A roller on the front of the platform
4. A roller on the front of the platform simplifies the loading and unloading of this PRO70.

Protema – Attachments

20253 frame L-shaped
8597 Fold-up platform with forks for PRO40, 445x360 mm stainless steel.
Reaches floor level.
20253 Frame with L-shaped profiles and 8599 detachable platform for PRO40, stainless steel. Reaches pallet level.
(8594 As above, platform non-detachable)
8525 Platform for PRO70, 490/330x450 mm corrugated aluminium.
8525SS Stainless steel version with smooth surface. Reaches floor level.
8562 Platform for PRO70, 600x400 mm corrugated aluminium.
8562SS Stainless steel version with smooth surface. Reaches pallet level.
8539 Detachable arm for sackhandling for PRO70.
8538 Fold-up platform with forks for 8539 440x360 mm, stainless steel.
Reaches pallet level.
8522 Platform for PRO100 695x520 mm corrugated aluminium. 8522SS
Stainless steel version with smooth surface. Reaches floor level.
8100A Frame for PRO120/150 without platform. 8150A/B/C Platform 360x500. 8151A/B/C 600x500.
A:HD polyethylene
B: Corrugated aluminium
C: Stainless steel.
Reaches floor level (Optional on PRO150).
8101A Forks ID370, l:500 mm with fold-up platform 435x540 mm for PRO120/150, stainless steel.
Reaches floor level.
Rollers for PRO120/150 platforms.
8160A/B/C/D rolls for 8100A.
A: plastic l: 375 mm. B: plastic l: 600 mm
C: nickelplated steel l: 375 mm
D: nickelplated steel l: 600 mm.
Reaches floor level.
8102A Frame only for PRO120/150 forks.
Reaches floor level.
8152A/B/C/D Adjustable forks for
PRO120/150 frame 8102A.
A: 80 kg 40x20 mm l: 500 mm. B: 60 kg
30x30 mm l: 500 mm. C: 40 kg 20x20 mm
l: 400 mm D: 40 kg dia 25 mm l: 450 mm.
Reaches floor level.
8557 Fold-up platform with forks (ID370) for PRO200 560x600 mm stainless steel. Reaches floor level.
8161A V-block
8161A V-block for PRO70, 100, 120/150, rollhandling accessory. 8162A Rotating plate for
PRO70/100/120/150 V-block (8161A) on frame/platform.
Available on stainless steel platforms only.
8519 Separate tray-roller ramp for PRO70/100.
8537 Separate rollers 125 mm for PRO70/100, other lengths on request.
Hand control on spiral cable. Standard on PRO120, PRO150 and PRO200 (different design, see page 9). Available on request for other lifts. Quick release for swift changes between attachments available on request. Chain protection cover strip available for PRO70. Standard on PRO120/150/200.
Ladder for PRO70/PRO100: 8586/8588
h:540 mm 2 steps.
PRO120/150: 8170A/B stainless
steel/nickelplated steel, h:720 mm 3 steps.
Central brake with directional lock:
8140A for PRO120/150 (standard),
8140D for PRO70 (optional),
8150D for PRO100 (optional).
All standard wheels are manufactured in thermorubber. Optional: ESD antistatic and polyurethane heavy duty.
Standard, lowbuilt legs to fit beneath EUR-pallets on PRO70/100.
Optional on PRO120/200.
On request: Fixed front wheels for areas with limited operational space. Standard on PRO150 and lowbuilt PRO200. EasySqueeze unit for PRO100/200.
Electrical or manual turning unit for EasySqueeze on PRO100/200. Fixed arms for EasySqueeze. Swivelling arms for EasySqueeze.
8192 Coregripper max 35 kg,
core max Ø76 mm for PRO70.
8191 Max 90 kg, core max Ø76 mm for PRO120/150/200.
8195 Max 90 kg, core max Ø150 mm for PRO120/150/200. Available up to 160kg on request.
Extra rolls added to the tip of the coregripper to aid insertion into core. 8516/8116A Boom for PRO70/100/120/150
Rollhandling accessory.
Boom Ø63.5 mm, l:500 mm.
Option 8116B l:1000mm
Example of electrical turning unit for emptying drums etc. Example of platform with complete surface equipped with rollers to help position goods. Special tool for handling tyres.
Conveyor platform, electric, with squeeze protection. Example of manual turning unit for emptying drums etc. Special cratelifter with manual tipping function.
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